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The Fourth Wall is a Hong Kong based interactive marketing and film production company with offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Los Angeles, and Zurich.

Our creative global team of professionals assist Western brands in developing and integrating compelling solutions into our interactive storytelling platform in China while guiding them through the unique challenges of marketing in ever-changing Asia.


WeDiaries, our venture with social networking giant Wechat and Tencent Streaming, is and example of this - To reach audience of up to 1.2 billion users.

Coming soon… St. Moritz, Switzerland


WeDiaries is a 10 episode weekly online adventure journey designed to engage its Chinese audience through storytelling. Four ordinary Chinese contestants (three girls, one boy) are being selected for each of 10 different international travel destinations through an online auditioning process that focuses on learning about their individual dreams, goals, and aspirations. Our online series, to be aired on major Chinese OTT streaming platforms such as Tencent, will engage audiences throughout China by telling memorable stories from selected participants in each episode as they venture around the world. Action-packed activities await the participants at each destination, ranging from outdoor extreme to indoor leisure, offering participants an authentic local experience and culture exchange. Select brands have an opportunity to join this journey, to participate, and to tell their story. Aside from airing each weekly episode on China’s major streaming platforms, the WeDiaries crew will update their personal social media throughout the day, allowing audiences to follow behind the scenes while extending the reach of these unique experiences to their own personal circles, including friends and family.


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