In the age of experience economy, engage Chinese millennials through storytelling by creating online and offline experiences that build connection and brand affinity

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WeDiaries is a 10 episode online miniseries that engages its audience through storytelling. In each episode, three female subjects, along with one male, are selected via a thorough auditioning process to go on an adventure to a dream destination that will be potentially life-changing for each involved.

Too often, international brands venture into China and fail to connect directly or build brand loyalty. 63% of top brands surveyed admit they need to do things differently in China in order to succeed.

WeDiaries engages the Chinese audience by showing the inspirational stories of the participants as they venture around the world, trying new things and challenging themselves to experience more than they knew they could. Participants continually share personal stories of their daily activities on their own social media.

Each series includes 10 episodes from 10 different cities around the world. Participating brands will have their logos and their own stories integrated into each video in both active and passive ways, which feed into the drama of each episode, engaging the Chinese audience in dynamic ways, personalizing their brand and their company’s legacy.

Chapter One - St. Moritz

Join us as we climb new heights to adventure


The Chinese Consumer

More and more, Chinese consumers – particularly young and affluent ones – use social media to engage with brands, purchase products, and talk about what they think of them among friends.

This trend is deep, it is broad, and it is growing much faster than the brands themselves – especially Western brands – can effectively keep pace with.

Social media and messaging platforms like WeChat and Weibo are the drivers of this change, with ecosystems that allow consumers to compare, buy, and tell their friends what they’ve purchased, all within the app’s platform, before stepping off the subway.

A billion users.


They look at their screens - not yours

The billboards and ads and websites of traditional marketing become less powerful or visible as consumers in China spend more and more time seeking out media they prefer and communicating about what they discover through their portable devices.

But this trend also creates opportunities to change the ways brands reach them.


Aspirational Storytelling

As the middle class in China continues its meteoric rise and drives consumer buying trends, another trend is rapidly emerging: the desire for experiences. The thirst for lifestyle.

As consumers see themselves and their country stepping out onto the world stage, they discover experiences that other people in the world enjoy. They aspire to enjoy similar adventures and to show them to their friends back home.


They share stories they like

Media content goes viral in China when consumers see stories they can relate to – such as people like themselves exploring new worlds, experiencing new lifestyles, and discovering something new about themselves.

Video content in the form of stories can get liked and shared in China with lightning speed if it is created and told in a way that engages its audience with an understanding of what its audience likes to see.

That’s where we come in.


We start with a contest…

Everyone in the world has a dream, a goal, a wish for something they can do or be, a place to go, a way to begin a new life.

We listen to these dreams on video submissions amid a series of nationwide searches from all classes of Chinese life. After reviewing hundreds of thousands of video entries – or more – our judges make their selections from finalists.


We build their fantasy - they realize their dreams

We fly the winners somewhere they once could only imagine, to help them experience and accomplish things they only once dreamed.

As they come face to face with those dreams – and the experiences surrounding them – they learn something new. They come away from the experiences changed somehow. In this way, each contestant’s journey becomes a story that everyone can identify with.

We professionally record and edit these stories and share them on platforms where they can then be instantly shared. And we follow up with our contestants afterward to see and show how their lives have continued to change, evolve and grow, beyond the fantasy we helped them achieve.


Stories that engage

The woman who wanted to skydive. The girl who wanted to create her own clothing line. The man who built his own airplane because he wanted to fly. The art dealer who needed to challenge herself to gain the courage to open a gallery. The actress who thought she wanted to be a star. The young executive who saw where his life path was leading and wondered where to find a different path to a different world. The girl who wanted to go to the top of the world so that she could learn to ski down it.

These dreams, and many others, are the stories we tell – each carefully interwoven with brands and branded experiences that help tell them. In some we demonstrate how other pioneers once had similar fantasies and made them into the brands or services we know today; in others we integrate lifestyle products within the lifestyle dreams themselves. But in all cases, the driving force is the dreamer herself, and what she or he learns from the experience.

In other words, the story that will get shared again and again.


Touring schedule

  1. St. Moritz, Switzerland

  2. Monaco

  3. Paris, France

  4. Honolulu, Hawaii

  5. Barcelona, Spain

  6. Milan, Italy

  7. London, UK

  8. Tokyo, Japan

  9. New York, USA

  10. Los Angeles, USA

    * Schedule subject to change